Discover Monoi de Tahiti®, the 2,000 year-old legendary beauty secret of Tahitian women & nature’s perfect solution for healthy, youthful looking skin…

This traditional product belongs to the rich cultural heritage of the Tahitian people and holds an important place in their unique cosmetic traditions. Monoi (pronounced Mah- noy) means “scented oil.” This natural product is obtained by soaking Gardenia Taitensis blossoms in rich, purified coconut oil. Monoi de Tahiti® is a well kept beauty secret which has passed from one generation to the next. The beautiful Tahitian women called ‘vahines’, use Monoi de Tahiti® daily to hydrate, protect their skin and condition their hair.

This unique formula is 100% natural vegetal blend that is extracted from the rich Tahitian Tumu Har’ari (Cocos Nucifera) palm tree and the local “Tiare” (Gardenia Tahitensis) flowers. Together they act as a natural barrier against dehydration that can cause wrinkles and to protect the skin against sun and wind damage.

Pure Monoi de Tahiti® is a rich, naturally concentrated emollient that penetrates easily into the skin. One only needs a few drops to achieve instant results and a smooth, healthy, youthful looking skin.

For the past few years, extensive tests and analysis are validating Monoi de superior to those of other natural vegetal oils. Monoi de Tahiti® helps to rehydrate the layers of the epidermis and to shield the skin against external damages. Lab tests demonstrate that Monoi de Tahiti® helps the skin to look better and healthier, after the very first use.