Natural Products For a More Beautiful Skin

Dry skin has long been plaguing us and a lot of products nowadays are promising that it can turn our scaly, dry skin into baby- like texture. Every time a new product comes out saying that it can save our skin, we tend to worship it and put it all over our body without even realizing that it’s just for our feet. Desperate time calls for desperate measures, indeed.

However, we also tend to forget that our Mother Nature has already given us the products that we need to score beautiful skin and as our earth heats up, sun’s UV rays become more damaging to our skin. The good thing is this guide will teach us on how we can battle dry skin using natural ingredients that we can normally see in our kitchen or pantry. Let’s get started!

First thing in our list is milk.milk-1367171_1280

This breakfast staple contains anti- inflammatory properties that can help reduce our skin’s itchiness. Its lactic acid also helps in locking in moisture as well as removing dead skin cells.

Cleopatra’s most famous beauty regimen of bathing in milk is not a simple first- world practice to show everyone that your bath tub is made of gold. It has proven benefits for our skin that even celebrities swear by. Now, we all know that bathing in a tub of milk every day is not good for our wallets and many see it as wasteful and impractical way of having great skin. What most of us can do is, use a cold-milk- dipped cloth and apply it to the infected area.

In a bath, you can mix two cups of milk and one- fourth cup of honey to warm water and start to soak up, feeling like a queen.

Oil up!

Natural oils can do wonders for our skin especially if left overnight. Island Scent’s Monoi de Tahiti®, olive oil and coconut oil are example of natural oils that have moisture- locking feature that helps in building and keeping our skin supple. Some people don’t like using oils to slather on their bodies as it becomes greasy especially when it already builds up in our skin. If that’s the case, I strongly suggest you use oil when you’re about to go to sleep with your not- so- favorite pajama as the oil will definitely stick to your clothes. Personally, I use Monoi de Tahiti® as my night time moisturizer. It’s already infused with coconut oil which pumps up its ability to moisturize and I’ve never been happier with my skin.

Additional tip: it’s better to use only water when washing our face in the morning as most soaps can wash off natural oils and moisturizers that your face worked hard for to produce all night long. Pat dry your face and avoid rubbing your towel against your skin to avoid micro- abrasions.

Exfoliate with sugar

Sugar is one of the best mild exfoliator that we can use just about anywhere in our bodies. Exfoliated skin absorbs better than those that are not as dead skin cells can block all the nutrients that can be absorbed by our skin. It’s best to use sugar as exfoliator together with a few drops of olive oil which can help in dissolving the sugar as we slough away the dirt from our lips.

Go easy on hot water

It may feel very relaxing when we dip into a nice hot, water after a long hard day’s work. What we don’t usually notice is that our skin suffers from it as hot water strips all of our skin’s natural oils. Yikes!

The best alternative for this is to use lukewarm water to relax our muscles and avoid staying under the shower for more than 15 minutes to avoid washing off our skin’s natural moisturizers.

Load up on skin food!

It may sound cliché but beauty truly comes from within. Loading up on food rich in omega-3 fatty acids can significantly help our skin in producing healthier skin cells. Good sources of these acids are fishes, avocados, and walnuts. Having good nutrition gives chance for our body to function properly which in turn helps us in achieving gorgeous skin.

If you find it hard to get your complete nutrition from your food, there are natural supplements that you can take to boost your body’s production of good skin cells. Vitamin A, C, and E are good examples of vitamins that enhance our skin as well as zinc and vitamin B6.


It might still be a long road for us to achieve great skin but don’t worry. Start with these baby steps and you’ll soon be able to flaunt your healthy skin!

Do you have any other tips on how to score great skin that are not included in the list? Share your thoughts by commenting below!